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Portable Air Conditioner

Portable Air Conditioner

🧊 Be Prepared for Summer: Elevate your cooling experience with our state-of-the-art mist technology. The integrated water tank sprays ice-cold mist, turning the air into a refreshing oasis. Immerse yourself in the cool mist, creating a soothing and rejuvenating atmosphere that lasts all day!

🌈 Customizable LED Lights: Imagine having the freedom to set your perfect ambiance with just a tap. Our product offers a spectrum of colors to match every mood and occasion. Why settle for one color when you can have them all?

🔋 Energy Efficient: The Freezy® operates on a mere 8-10 watts of power, minimizing energy consumption. Its multi-directional air vents allow you to tailor the airflow direction, making it suitable for any room or office.

📏 Portable: Its compact and sleek design enables you to place the box cooler on your office desk, nightstand, coffee table, or kitchen counter.

✅ Easy to Use: Simply pour water into the top-fill tank, plug it in, and indulge in refreshing cooler air all night long. With a runtime of up to 10 hours*, you can relax without the hassle of frequent refills.

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